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  1. Clanmother says:

    Excellent reblog! Thanks for sharing…I am now following Chris! We have a long journey ahead, but it is always good to find kindred sprits along the way…


  2. icelandpenny says:

    Have you read Sylvia Ashton Warner’s book, “Teacher”? You probably have, but in case not… It’s not new — I came across it in the late 1960s, and it’s her account of teaching a Maori/non-Maori infant school class decades earlier. It was her naive… shocking… unacceptable… idea that there was no reason the Maori children would not learn to read, provided they had anything to read that they found interesting and relevant. So she had all the children in the class write their own individual books that year, by each day, one by one, coming to her to learn to write their own choice of a single word. They each compiled their own recycled shoe box of their own words, and began to write, using their own vocabulary, to tell their own stories. And my goodness, the Maori children learned to read just fine.


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