CoderDojo Mentoring


I found out about CoderDojo while surfing the net a month ago looking for local computer classes for my kids during the school holidays.  CoderDojo is an awesome idea and we should all be supporting these things in our community.  CoderDojo runs free learn-to-program sessions on the weekends and it is supported through volunteer mentors.  It’s a great way to encourage kids to learn to program and to socialise with other people in our community. I have volunteered to mentor with CoderDojo Brisbane and my 10 year old son is one of the participants.  I had a great time mentoring last weekend; it is wonderful to see kids excited and interested about learning how to computer program.

LcoderDojoMy son presenting one of his Scratch creations to the CoderDojo  attendees, mentors & parents

How to program with Alice

I will be presenting an introduction on how to program with Alice in one of the CoderDojo Brisbane sessions.  The introductory hand-out that I created for this presentation can also be found here: Introduction to Alice Handout.

ElkePresentingCoderDojoHere I am presenting how to program with Alice to CoderDojo Brisbane.

I had the opportunity to teach a Year 10 class using Alice a couple of years ago and I blogged about it HERE.

Participants (and/or their parents/carers) are welcome to comment below and provide feedback about my presentation and discuss their experience with programming with Alice.

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