Benefits of a PLN & Twitter

Benefits of a Professional Learning Network for Teachers
Benefits of a PLN for Teachers

Using Twitter to build your PLN

  • network with Educators around the world & explore new ideas & consider things differently


  • get new ideas, free resources and find out about PD events



  • collaborate online


  • stay current


  • revisit a conference you attended via the conference hashtag. For example, #qsite2015 & #ISTE15


  • feel motivated to learn more and integrate new strategies in your classroom


  • get support





How teachers tend to perceive the usefulness of Twitter over time

Twitter basics

@ = a Twitter account; you can send a tweet to many accounts and you can mention an account within the body of  a tweet

# = a way to categorise tweets; good to use in conferences and PD sessions

Follow = when you follow someone you’ll receive their tweets in your “Home” display and you can send them PMs (Personal Messages)

Reply = click on the arrow on the bottom of a tweet to reply tweet

Retweet = you retweet a tweet so that it shows up in your Twitter feed

Favorite = click on the star to favourite a tweet, so it’s easier for you to find it later

You will get HEAPS out of Twitter if you SHARE your views, ideas and resources. If you engage by tweeting and retweeting, you will find like-minded educators that are innovative and inspiring. You should try to reply to other Educators when they tweet you to build on your online relationships. Follow other Educators!  Tweet often.

elkeTwitterYOUR TASK:

  1. Create your own personal Twitter account. Go to and sign up for free! Modelling a positive digital footprint to our students is important, so please consider using your REAL name. Create a short bio about yourself.
  2. Upload a profile photo -> NO one will follow an egg!  (take a selfie on your phone)
  3. Follow @elketeaches and the people sitting beside you
  4. Type your first tweet….”Hello World!”
  5. Send a tweet to @elketeaches and use the #merrimacPD  -> include a photo of Elke presenting & leave some feedback about this PD session
  6. View #merrimacPD tweets and follow your colleagues


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