EPPC 2017 Presentation

PowerPoint presentation references can be downloaded from HERE

ACER EPPC 2017 Presentation Handout


ACER EPPC 2017 Presentation Abstract: Leading Girls into ICT

Leading Girls into ICT: increasing female ICT participation at Somerset College


Elke’s bio: https://www.acer.org/eppc/presenter/elke-schneider

Lisa’s bio: https://www.acer.org/eppc/presenter/lisa-thomson 


Please comment below and let us know what you think. How might you use some of this information to help increase girls’ participation at your school?  What barriers do you see? How might your school overcome these?

3 comments on “EPPC 2017 Presentation

  1. Hayley says:

    Elke! How can I help you. Love this presentation. How are the girls going this year in the competition ?

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    • elketeaches says:

      Hi Hayley.

      Great to hear from you. Lisa & I are excited about presenting at the conference later this week.

      I’m coaching 4 teams in the Tech Girl Superhero competition this year. There were more students interested in joining but I had to limit it due to the work/time involved. This year we have students in Year 9, Year 10, Year 11 and one Year 7 student. We started getting together as teams earlier this year so that the students didn’t feel like they were rushed to focus on their very first app idea. They have some good app ideas. It’s interesting to see how differently each team works together.

      My involvement in Tech Girls and the ICT subject changes I have implemented have been successful in getting students to trust me and to increase their participation in ICT. I recently also encouraged students to enter the Gold Coast Startup Weekend and the Advance Qld: Young Starters’ Competition. I have 4 Year 10/11 students (male & female) that have done this successfully and it has been wonderful to hear how I have influenced them all positively to feel that they CAN do it!



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