QSITE 2015 Presentation

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Social Connectedness Teaching Strategy

Increasing student engagement and literacy outcomes through digital social connectedness teaching strategies

My teaching Edublogs website


password: (will be given at QSITE presentation)

Example student Edublogs websites


Year 10 ‘Get With IT’ digital technology – High achieving student. Improved reflective writing over time; good use of images to discuss her work; communicative and connected to peers online through comments/replies.

*** Entrepreneurial spirit*** this student had an innovative business idea that she could discuss fully in her reflective post. The teacher would have missed the full scope of her idea if just relying on the project (creating a website) due to beginning technology skills and time limitations.


Year 10  ‘Get With IT’ digital technology – Excellent reflection writing to improve his full understanding and learned knowledge of the in class content. Good use of paragraph structure and improved writing skills.


Year 8 ‘Education for Entrepreneurs’ – I integrated Edublogs in a Business Basics unit and then found out that this student already had an innovative business idea. This student extended himself academically through his website. He also engaged with his peers and teachers through comments/replies. The Principal of the school and the Business HOD were able to give positive feedback easily to this student via the comment functionality.


Year 7 Digital Technology – Students were asked to create an Edublogs mainly for fun with no initial assessment task attached to it. This student showed a high level of self-presentation and creativity.



My blog post with some Edublogs How-to screen-casting videos:



An excellent book that I recommend parents and educators to read:




In my presentation paper above I make a recommendation to adopt CampusPress school-wide. Here are some examples of where this has already been implemented:


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  1. jackie says:

    Very interesting Elke. Great job!


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