IT Excursion

I like excursions!  It’s fun to do something different on a school day. It is especially fun when you can show students the reality of how what they’re learning is used in the workplace.

I am teaching ITS with 6 amazing Grade 11 students. A lot of what they are learning (already prescribed & difficult for me to update) is focused on Graphic Design. Now, Graphic Design is fun and it has plenty of employment opportunities associated with it; however, I find it difficult to teach transferable skills in this subject. Transferable skills are SUPER important because we want students to learn skills that they can use again in other contexts and in other ways. A lot of their subject is highly reliant on specific software.

Anyway, to ensure these students have a broad view of computer science, information technology and the IT industry, I have made a concerted effort to introduce them to a variety of these topics in conversations. I also wanted them to see, in real-life, how many options are available to them in both tertiary study and industry when choosing to learn or work in IT.  That’s why I organised an excursion.

The hardest part of planning for this excursion was knocking-back offers from some of my industry contacts. I knew that it would be a busy day of driving, walking, tours, presentations and networking. The resulting choices I made for this excursion was based on ensuring that the students experienced a variety of IT within both tertiary study and industry.

Click on this link to see photos & read about the students learned on this excursion:


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