The nature of digital technology? Part 2


The Weblog of (a) David Jones

This is a followup to yesterday’s Part 1 post and a continuation of an attempt to describe the nature of digital technology and to think about what this might reveal about how and what is being done by formal education has it attempts to use digital technology for learning and teaching. This post moves from the fundamental properties of digital technologies (yesterday’s focus) to what some suggest is that nature of digital technologies.

Note: this is not the end of this series. There’s a fair bit more to go (e.g. this is all still focused on a single black box/digital technology, it hasn’t touched on what happens when digital technology becomes pervasive). I’m not entirely comfortable with the use of “nature” at this level, but the authors I’m drawing on use that phrase.

Recap and revision

Yesterday’s post aimed to open up the black box of digital technology a touch…

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