One of my favourite animatronic examples is from John Nolan Last year, it was possible to see photos of John Nolan’s machine that operated the mouse in this video but it appears to no longer be available on his site. I show this video to students a lot to get their attention, to inspire them and to show them examples of different types of jobs (I think doing animatronics for a living would be pretty cool).

John Cox’s How To Make A Monster exhibit

Today I took my son (12) to do an animatronics workshop at The How To Make a Monster exhibition at the Arts Centre Gold Coast.  During part of the workshop we got to see some of John Cox’s exhibit, which was really awesome. It was fun to see real examples of animatronics that we all enjoy watching in movies like Babe and Peter Pan.

The workshop was OK but it appeared that my son was the only child above the age of 10 (my 8yr daughter could not attend because she was sick). Oh well, we still had fun and I enjoyed helping an 8 year old girl make a parallel circuit with 2 LEDs. We left soon after the circuit introduction since my kids already learned about circuits previously. He did learn some nice pneumatic and hydraulic movement tricks using 2 syringes connected with a tube.

pneumatic movement to make the puppets mouth open & close

pneumatic (air) machine to make the puppet’s mouth open & close

My son thought the use of pneumatics for movement was pretty cool. If we have time during these school holidays, we might give a couple of these hydraulic machines a go next: 

2 comments on “Animatronics

  1. That mouse is truly strong. It is evident that he is strong as he is capable of moving the bar numerous times. This video was really motivating and truly change my opinions on mice/rats. Thanks for your awesome work!!


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