Makey Makey

Day 1 of the school Easter holidays and I kept the kids busy with my new Makey Makey!  I have briefly used Makey Makey before and now I finally got around to purchasing one for the family (& work).


Playing an online game. My son is controlling the arrow keys with play doh and my daughter controls the space-bar by hitting the banana!

My Makey Makey kit.

My Makey Makey kit.

Makey Makey lets you easily turn many things into a touchpad for your computer. One side of the Makey Makey (as shown in photo above) is really easy to use. Plug the device into a laptop and it works automatically; nothing to download! Attach alligator clips to the cross to link to your arrow-keys and the 2 circles link to the space-bar & click. Then surf the web to find simple games to play using your new touchpad. My kids played online PacMan, Tetris, piano keyboards and other random games that include arrow-keys and space-bar actions. It was fun!

The other side of the Makey Makey allows for a larger range of options and you can use it as an Arduino.  Makey Makey runs on top of Arduino but the beauty of Makey Makey is that you don’t need to do any code and you don’t need to understand Arduino. I think it is an excellent way to introduce the idea of Arduino to kids.


Playing a game with a fighting pig!


Playing the basic Makey Makey piano

It wasn’t long before they started to think of more ideas and we also looked at many Makey Makey projects on YouTube. Let’s make a foot piano!  🙂


Keeping busy setting up the foot piano.


Their foot piano; it worked. Easy!

Dad even had a go with the Makey Makey piano.

UPDATE: Next day – my 12yr son decided to use the Makey Makey & play-doh to play Minecraft. The other players on the server can’t believe it!

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