What if our digital technologies were protean? Implications for computational thinking, learning, and teaching

The Weblog of (a) David Jones

David Jones, Elke Schneider

Submitted to ACCE’2016 and an extension of Albion et al (2016).

Lot’s of room for further work here, especially in the implications section. Really only just touched the surface (IMHO).


Not for the first time, the transformation of global society through digital technologies is driving an increased interest in the educational use of such technologies. Historically, the translation of such interest into widespread and effective change in learning experiences has been less than successful. This paper explores what might happen to the translation of this interest if the digital technologies within our educational institutions were protean. What if the digital technologies in schools were flexible and adaptable by and to specific learners, teachers, and learning experiences? To answer this question the stories of digital technology modification by a novice teacher educator and a novice high school teacher are analysed. Analysis reveals that the modification…

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