“I thought this was a computer class!”

The benefit of drawing your designs

Whether you are teaching how to write an essay or developing a website, it is important to plan. In my Year 7 and 10 ICT classes I get students to follow a System Development Life Cycle (SDLC). I explain the purpose of a SDLC and also give examples of how I have used it in my past work as an IT Analyst.

Asking students to draw a diagram is sometimes followed with groans and comments like, “I thought this was a computer class!”  It is important that students know how to plan and design quickly using a paper and pen. I demonstrate this by drawing webpage designs on the whiteboard; I label a lot since I’m not the best at drawing.

The image above shows the Home page design for my “Retro Surfboards” website. The image below shows an example design (and HTML) for one of the “Buy” webpages.


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