Games in Learning

I am currently teaching Marketing with Year 11 Business Management students. I love teaching Marketing, especially digital marketing and the impact of social media. I also enjoy making students think about the ethical business decisions involved in promotional activities and advertising. I think students mostly find my style of teaching to be fun, engaging and passionate; however, there is always a place for Games in learning. 🙂 Plus, I believe playing games with students helps build positive student-teacher relationships.

Here are some games that I have played in the past few weeks that are fun & can be applied to Marketing content.


Family Feud -> retrieved a list of ‘Family Feud’ questions, answers & survey response values from the web. The class was separated into 4 groups and in turns each group got a chance to answer questions. Fun! I related this game to marketing research, surveys, statistical analysis etc.


Logo game -> separate class into 4 groups. Ask each group one question at a time. I don’t use the board, just the cards. Some questions are visual and some questions have more than one part. This game has been extremely useful for acknowledging student prior-knowledge.
Term/Definition Card Matching -> I create my own palm-cards with terms and definitions. I then get students to move around the room and talk to classmates to find a match. Easy! A variation to this that I played in the past was with Bingo! cards that have marketing terms. Students hear the definition and need to identify the term on their Bingo cards.

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