Google CS4HS Robotics Workshop


I had the opportunity to attend the Google CS4HS Robotics Workshop run by Griffith University, Gold Coast. It was a lot of fun and a great way to connect with other ICT teachers and some of the Griffith University ICT faculty.

I was given a bag full of sensors, wires and an Arduino Uno. I was thinking back to my IT Diploma days, trying hard to remember how circuits work. Fortunately, the instructors were really helpful and the documentation included clear diagrams. It all came back to me!


The BEST part was the programming. Programming in the Arduino software was OK but the Processing application was really exciting. First we did some basic programming (see the simple code above to create lines and circles) and then the programming became more complex. I spent some time last night having a look at all the libraries and resources online for Processing; exciting stuff.  🙂

Ultrasonic Radar

By the end of the weekend we had created an Ultrasonic Radar which was really cool.


It was also refreshingly lovely to be learning in this fantastic computer lab. 🙂

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