Modelling Research & Paragraph Writing

In today’s Business Management Year 11 lesson I wanted to model HOW TO do research and then write a paragraph referencing this research. I have talked about how to research in class, giving tips and hints, but I knew that only some students actually applied what I told them. So before class today I wrote a sequenced list of what I needed to do, what students needed to do and I also found some research documents so that I didn’t have to spend the time searching in class time.

Lesson Sequence

  1. Make an argument (recommendation) for numeracy training in the workplace and how this would improve operations management.
    • My example: “Numeracy training, specifically basic math skills, for employees would improve the efficiency of the operations process at McDonalds” (think about how sometimes people give $50 as payment for food, employee puts this in the register, but then the customer gives 55 cents so that they will receive whole dollar notes, not coins. This scenario happens often and it requires that the employee has basic math skills to compute the correct change. It is argued that this slows down the efficiency of the operations process, in particular in the drive-through process).
  2. REVIEW the TEEL structure and have students write the TOPIC sentence in the paragraph form (I created a simple form to help students see the structure)
  3. QUESTIONS to ASK: What do I research? How do I research?
    • MODEL to class via the projector -> Search online and use Google Scholar. Some articles are not accessible and so it is RECOMMENDED that all students get an online National Library of Australia card. However if no card, then there are still freely accessible articles and documents to be found.
  4. REVIEW assessment criteria to ensure you’re still on track!
  5. MODEL How to skim-read research – scroll through the 3 documents I already found and notice the highlighted sections. I do NOT read the whole document! It helps if you do the research and highlighting before the lesson; this took me ten minutes. With the main point in one of the files showing on the projector, have students write the EXPLAIN, ELABORATE & EVIDENCE section of TEEL on the form.
  6. Have students read out their sentences to the class or to a partner. Teacher collects the paragraph forms to make sure all students are working well and to identify any literacy skill issues.

Student samples:


What we’re learning today and TEEL review notes

Topic sentence & one sentence with reference (two sentences from different students)

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