Using evidence to evaluate teaching

I wrote this last year and now that I am teaching I believe in this even more….


(take from an assignment that I am currently writing)

It is imperative that educators first understand that evidence of student learning does not apply only to results of formal testing. There is currently a world-wide push for data gathering of student learning evidence and this has led to unfortunate competitive analysis of raw test data between schools and between countries. Test data alone has limited value to help improve student learning and so it is important that teachers are knowledgeable and able to identify ways to obtain and use evidence of learning in their classrooms.

Key features of a teacher that is improving teaching and learning via an evidence-based approach are the teacher’s attitude, teacher’s ability to evaluate their teaching and whether a teacher is involved in professional development research. Hattie (2012) suggests that quality teachers are passionate about teaching and have an evaluation of teaching impact mindset. Teachers who…

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