Promoting student voice

I strongly believe in the benefits of getting feedback from students. I am constantly evaluating my teaching and the impact I make on student learning.  I think it is also important to give students an opportunity to voice their opinions of my teaching.

I commonly promote student voice through the use of on-line surveys.  It is always good to see confirmation in student survey responses of what I think I am doing well.  Sometimes I get feedback that I don’t expect and I make an effort to change my pedagogical approach to accommodate requests or to try to change negative opinions/views.  It is great to see a glimpse of what students are experiencing in my class.

Building on student-teacher relationships through an ethics of care philosophy is one of the best ways to get to know students.  However, I do know that this takes time and so during a short 4-week internship or in the first month of teaching a new class, having students do an online survey can really help me pinpoint issues and highlight what I am doing well.

“Know thy impact!” (Hattie, 2012)

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