Vanuatu holiday & planning for effective literacy teaching

There are two reasons for the slow-down of posts on my blog recently.

1) The fun reason is because I’ve been away on a fabulous holiday in Vanuatu.  The people were super friendly, the weather was perfect and Mt Yasur (active volcano) was an absolutely amazing experience.


2) and oh yeah, I’ve been busy creating another website for a University subject assessment submission on planning for literacy teaching. The word count was very limited and the assignment was restricted to only 2 characteristics of effective literacy teaching. I believe in sharing of resources and ideas so here it is for your reading pleasure!

Planning Effective Literacy Teaching

3 comments on “Vanuatu holiday & planning for effective literacy teaching

  1. Missriete says:

    Now that is a place I would like to visit! I love volcanoes. I’ve been in one in Greece years ago ( sort of a sleeping one, not very dangerous but extremely hot and with pools of boiling mud and lots of sulfuric gases). Wow!
    I went over to your other website and read part of it. very interesting. I’ll be back to read the rest 🙂


  2. Great to see you are taking time to relax! Self-preservation is imperative.


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