The Big Lie in Education.

I think the *elephant in the room* is that many teachers who “prepare students for the real world” have not actually experienced the “real world” themselves. Going straight from High School to Uni to study Education (especially if they didn’t have to take up part-time work) & then straight into teaching doesn’t help! Teachers should have to either come in with “real world of work” experience OR be forced to take 6 to 12-month leaves where they work outside of the school system. Plus, it doesn’t help when you’re working in an Education system that blocks everything GOOD about the Internet (like Twitter, WordPress, Wiki, FB etc).

My Island View

“Preparing kids for the Real World” is a phrase that many educators and schools use without regard for the consequence of what they selectively choose as reality for their students. Both educators and institutions in many cases are still choosing for students by educating them traditionally, or more progressively using technology tools for learning. This probably begins with educators’ misconception of the real world.

We cannot prepare kids for the Real World when we still have a 20th century view of it. We are over a dozen years into the 21st Century and some kids in the system have another dozen years before they need their real world experience to hit the streets. That would take us a quarter through the 21st century. How time flies.

Yes, one can be a good teacher without technology. I will not dispute that claim. I believe it to be true…

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