Lego Mindstorms – oh my!

This is what my kids and I WANT for Christmas! How cool is this? Seriously, no other toys are necessary.

My 9 year old son went to a Robotics Workshop on the weekend run by the fabulous Damien Kee in Brisbane, Queensland.  We already knew that my son loved technology and Lego but now he LOVES robotics too, yeah!  🙂  (oh and he loves Minecraft and Star Wars too, of course!)

Here’s a quick run-through of what the new EV3 will look like and what it can do.  We considered getting the older mindstorm but then when we saw how cool the EV3 was we decided we’ll have to wait (it’s so hard to wait!).

…and here’s Legos’ promotion for the EV3

Fun! How learning should be!

3 comments on “Lego Mindstorms – oh my!

  1. Margaret says:

    Lachlan is interested is this sort of thing?
    His father will also love it too I think!
    Birthday dollars on the way…
    Grandma/pa MargnJim


  2. My how Lego has changed for the better. Highly recommended learning tool for all ages! My children’s lego collection is now twenty years old and still a valuable classroom resource although may need to look at up grading to technix!!


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