Keyboard typing for kids


Every time I visit a classroom, whether I’m with my son’s 4th grade class or senior secondary students there’s always one thing that strikes me as odd.  Students are encouraged, often required, to use a computer and yet they are not taught how to type properly.  By the time I see students in senior secondary (years 11-12) I notice that not only can they not type properly but they use computers for a majority of their work.  Some students get quite fast with 2-finger typing but it really is not very efficient; they think they’re fast until they see me typing without looking at the keyboard!  Ta Da!

Typing is not a difficult skill.  However, in my personal experience, learning to type was a tedious and boring exercise….and then all of a sudden, it seemed, I could type and I could type fast AND without having to look at the keyboard.  Oh what an advantage!

I think it’s important to teach our kids how to type correctly.  Last year I tried various online sites and had varying success with my son but we eventually gave up because it didn’t seem like there was a good progression of learning activities on these sites.  Today I found a new site that looks really promising.  I did the first couple of lessons and I really enjoyed it; it includes visual, interactive and audio directions.  I think my 9 year old son will enjoy it and hopefully it will be the start of him learning a really useful skill.

BBC Schools – Dance Mat Typing

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