Flowchart fun

Here is one of my favourite scenes from The Big Bang Theory.

I have had to create a lot of flowcharts, Unified Modeling Language (UML) diagrams and other database type diagrams in my working/studying life, oh fun!  Admittedly I hated the first flowcharts I had to create at College because I just wanted to code.  It didn’t take long though in my working life to realise that creating a program/system was much easier & less time-consuming if you first planned upfront via some type of diagrammatic representation.  I have used software such as Visio, SQL Developer Data ModelerRationalRose, Gliffy and MS Word for the creation of diagrams.

When I teach UML or relational database diagrams I prefer to have students first practice by simply using paper and pen, this helps students focus only on the technique and not learning the software at the same time.  However, asking students in a technology class to not use their computers is a bit weird, so eventually we resort to using software (oh and it’s faster, of course!).

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