Same Love


Great song and a great message.  Education in a song, I think we need more of this.  Love it!  🙂  Peace.

2 comments on “Same Love

  1. lwareham136 says:

    I agree Elke, I have discussed the lyrics of this song with my teenage children, who have then gone on to discuss it with their friends. I also think it could be a good lesson about stereotyping people because of their interests. For example kids that would prefer painting to rugby are not necessarily gay and vice versa.


    • elketeaches says:

      I talked about it with my 9-year old son. I think talking to children about stereotypes, prejudice and the impact it has on individuals is very important. Yes, I agree with you about how society & especially TV sets up stereotypes that relate to what interests us.

      A bonus was when we looked at the lyrics and I realised that it linked in nicely with what he is learning at school right now about poetry. So we also talked about how music is often poetry and that rap is a form of poetry etc.


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