Love it! The video explains it very well. I will keep this type of idea in mind if/when I am thrown into teaching a Math class 🙂

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One of the tasks for the course I teach is to explore in a bit more detail one of the 150 ICT innovations identified as “good” in the Decoding Learning report. The list can be downloaded as an Excel spreadsheet. Preferably, the idea is we should be exploring ICT innovations that we might like to apply in our teaching.

The Wii, proportion and embodied mathematical cognition

The Decoding Learning folk describe this innovation this way

This project uses a gesture control device (Wii remote) and an onscreen representation to help learners explore and discuss their mathematical understanding, for example, of ratio. The underlying idea is that the design encourages learners to make gestures to represent mathematical concepts and then to reflect upon and discuss how their gestures related to the concepts. The innovation requires the gesture console, the prototype device and peers to be available so that learners…

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  1. Clanmother says:

    Excellent idea! Makes me want to take science and math all over again….


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