Codecademy – learn to code

My kids are hooked on Minecraft, have dabbled with different types of free animation creation websites and my 9-year old son has also enjoyed using Alice and GameMaker.  All of these wonderful resources gives people a view into computer programming while also being creative and fun.

What if you want to actually teach students/children how to code?  You could jump straight into a 500+ page textbook and introduce how to code in a development environment.  This might be appropriate in some senior years high school subjects.  I’d like my 9 year old son to start programming but I also know if it looks too big of a task and if it’s boring he won’t bother continuing with it.

Codecademy is a nice way to try programming.  Codecademy gives step-by-step mini tutorials on programming like JavaScript, Python, Ruby and more.  Codecademy would also be good as an extra at-home review for students learning programming at school.  You can also create your own courses within Codecademy, which might be useful for teaching.  Codecademy also allows for collaborative programming via their community groups.

2 comments on “Codecademy – learn to code

  1. Thank you Elke. I have talked to many teachers who say writing code works well for students who struggle sometimes with learning i.e. ADHD. It is nice to see it is coming back.


  2. […] highlights and points to resources that I have used before or posted about in the past such as Codecadamy, Scratch, Alice, Computer Science Unplugged, Khan Academy, […]


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