Creating animation

There are some great free on-line sites that allow you to create simple & easy animation.  Why would a teacher or parent want to use these sites?

  1. It’s fun
  2. It could be used in combination with a written/typed story lesson plan
  3. It could be used for an introductory on animation and computer programming
  4. It could be used as an alternative to traditional presentation of educational information
  5. Groups of students could study one topic in Math or History or ? and then depict what they’ve learned in an animation & then share with the rest of the class (Jigsaw strategy)
  6. oh and it’s fun!  🙂

Here are a few sites that my 9-year old son and I have played around with in the past couple of months:


Here is one video animation we found that we thought was really great – mainly because we love cyclists, woodpeckers & turkeys!

Our Town in Autumn by Cognito on GoAnimate


Here’s a quick and easy animation that my son created a couple of months ago.

A quick play with Sketch-Star by my 9-year old son

 Click this link to see the animation –

Robot Robbery


Voki is a great tool especially for students who want to use voice in their videos but are too shy to use their own voice.  This one also comes equipped with a Lesson Plans section and a classroom Voki system (nice!).  Give this a go, it’s fun and easy to use.

2 comments on “Creating animation

  1. Ketsana says:

    I love and use Go!Animate and Voki in my classroom regularly!


  2. […] kids are hooked on Minecraft, have dabbled with different types of free animation creation websites and my 9-year old son has also enjoyed using Alice and GameMaker.  All of these wonderful […]


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