Do you remember being a teenager?

Ask yourself this FIRST before judging the teenagers that are hanging out in front of the grocery store in the early afternoon?

Consider what else they could be doing.

Yes, they could be at home studying, but they just finished 6 hours of school, so maybe we shouldn’t be expecting that this is what they should do!  Where else would you like to see them?  Hanging out the back of a sub-division smoking up maybe?   Is there a skate park in walking/skating distance?  Maybe they should get on their bikes and go for a cycle….oh yeah that’s right, parents are totally freaked-out about traffic and cycling alone or in a small group on bush trails might not be safe.  It might not be safe to walk the streets!!!  It might not be safe to be home alone!!!  There’s nothing FREE and SAFE left to do that teenagers can do, is there?  You might be taking your privileged kids to gymnastics, soccer practice or piano class but these kids might not have that luxury.  Yet, there you go and freely judge them for simply hanging-out at the grocery store.  Oh but they’re not nice to you?  Why should they be nice to you?  Did you smile at them and say “hi” or did you walk by them and judge them again?

Give me a break people!  Give teenagers a break too…

One comment on “Do you remember being a teenager?

  1. Clanmother says:

    i agree wholeheartedly!!!


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