OECD Better Life Index

I really like the OECD Better Life Index web page.  It’s great because you can choose the topics that are important to you when determining a Life Index.  When you hover your mouse over the country flowers you’ll notice each country’s rating for each topic.  Fun stuff and definitely a lot of potential to use in lessons that range all sorts of topics, such as economics and data analysis.

2 comments on “OECD Better Life Index

  1. Lorena says:

    Hello there!
    My name is Lorena and I work on the Better Life Index for the OECD. I am curious in learning the ways that you think you could use the Index in your lessons. Let’s talk!


    • elketeaches says:

      Hi Lorena

      For me personally it will depend on what I teach in the future. My teaching areas are in ICT and Business but I may have the opportunity to teach various types of subjects in Australian High Schools. In the past I taught ICT, Business & Economics classes at the tertiary level in a Canadian college. I would have used the OECD website in the Economics subject obviously. I might have referred to the site when discussing data analysis or statistics in ICT & Business.

      For my learning path at this point it’s more about finding cool stuff on-line that I could incorporate into a lesson in the future to enhance the learning possibilities. I include these things on my blog to 1) help me remember later on and 2) to help or inspire other educators.

      Cheers! OECD would be an interesting place to work. 🙂



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