Build with Chrome: Google Maps + Lego = Awesome

I love Lego. My kids love Lego. You just can’t go wrong with Lego!  🙂

A few months ago Build with Chrome was launched and it was an instant hit.  It’s easy to use and it’s fun.

If you’re interested in the creation of it check out this blog post by North Kingdom, a digital creative agency in Sweden.

Lego in teaching has been used for years to enhance learning in many things such as Math, Science and even in early English reading skills.  Now imagine the added benefit of integrating Build with Chrome in lessons…oh my, the ideas are endless!  🙂

My 9-year old son is also enjoying Build with Chrome.  Here is one of his creations and he is the “owner” of the 9 “blocks” surrounding this creation.  (you’ll need to install Chrome to view though…there’s always a catch!)

a screen-shot of a few of my son’s first Build with Chrome creations


One comment on “Build with Chrome: Google Maps + Lego = Awesome

  1. stephglaser says:

    Elke — thanks for posting about this. I have a feeling my young son will also love this, and it may distract him from some of the other video games I’m not thrilled about! Steph


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