“It was in that school that I accomplished some of my most meaningful teaching. It was, in a strange way, kind of intoxicating. I was making a difference.” Very inspirational, thanks for sharing. I’ll have to add this book to my Summer reading list. 🙂


Not A Runner

I’m not a runner, so using running analogies in my writing is a dangerous proposition for me.  But a few parallels between teaching and running strike me.  The National Education Association has been collecting data on teachers for years.  What they reveal is that 50% of teachers quit within their first five years of the profession.  And they never teach again.  That means half of the people who enter the profession spend less time IN the profession than they did preparing for the profession.

Those are staggering and disappointing numbers, but I’d have to also confess, that they don’t surprise me.  I threw so much of myself into my job that I became sick in only my second year of teaching.  I had never been sick before.  My illness baffled and scared me. The doctors couldn’t explain it to satisfy me.  I was desperate to get better and considered quitting the profession at that time.  But I hung…

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  1. daunaeasley says:

    Thank you for your kind repost of my thoughts on teaching at your blog site. I’ve been noticing for a while that people in Australia are reading my blog regularly. I’m so impressed and humbled by knowing my words can reach that distance.
    I’m in awe of anyone who could bike for 9 days! Yikes.
    I truly have loved the profession of teaching and want to inspire others who wish to teach for a life time.


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