Love it, love it! Lots of great teaching, learning & integrated ICT stuff in this wonderful post. Very inspiring and I hope my children have teachers that are this passionate.

soul strikers

Monday was my first experience Skyping my class around the world!  This past summer at Building Learning Communities, word spread fast of an idea that students around the world could read and share the impact of a common book: The Dot, by Peter H. 

Reynolds. It took no convincing for me to plan this for my students, realizing the impact it could have on their world perspectives. It is so challenging for students to grasp this immense planet and consider that they might “make a mark” on it!

The story, if you are not familiar, is of a girl named Vashti who believes she cannot draw.  After being instructed to simply make a mark on the paper and sign it, she discovers that her teacher truly values that mark and Vashti challenges herself to create even more kinds of dots.

On the Morning Message I told them…

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