The Booker Award

Ivon Prefontaine from the Teacher as Transformer blog has nominated me for The Booker Award.  Ivon shares wonderful poetry and lots of great pictures that makes me want to get out and travel more.  I sincerely want to thank Ivon for this honour and also for the encouragement to get back to posting on here!  (btw, I’ll be on a 9-day cycling trip soon so won’t be posting for a while again)

First, I am required to choose my top 5 books.  Well, that really is an impossible task….so here’s an interesting mix!

  1. ‘Lord of the Flies’ by William Golding – I first read this book in High School and I loved it. This book includes gore, tragedy, emotion, community, bullying and hope.
  2. ‘Punished by Rewards’ by Alfie Kohn – I read this when my son was young and I believe that Alfie’s idea of parenting would probably save the planet, if only we’d listen!  Now as a teacher and a parent I see how rewards/punishment can really screw up kids, their relationships with parents & teachers and their view of community.
  3. ‘Sailing Promise’ by Alayne Main – my husband and I used to own a 25′ Catalina sailing boat when we lived near Lake Ontario.  During our boating years I read a lot of sailing books.  This book made me dream about different life possibilities and also was an interesting insight into the early years of a relationship.
  4. ‘Happiness and Education’ by Nel Noddings – well, if you’ve been reading my posts you might have noticed that I refer to Noddings often.  Three years ago I read her philosophy of an “ethics of care” and it instantly clicked with me, it’s the way that I believe I taught and lived my life after my first child was born….it wasn’t just about me anymore, I was interested and cared about what other people thought/felt etc.
  5. ‘Game of Thrones’ by George R. R. Martin – oh yeah, men with swords!  🙂

The following are some blogs that I follow that are interesting, fun and sometimes inspiring.  Check them out!

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  1. Margaret says:

    How nice…why happens now?


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