this is good reading…I hope everyone has had at least had one great teacher in their lives

Memos from the Middle

Class was over, but the bell had not yet rung. She pulled her reddish lipstick out of her purse and applied it expertly to her lips.

“How do you do that without a mirror?” I asked.

“I’ve had these lips my whole life,” she said. “When you’re my age, you’ll be able to do that too.” This solidified the “cool” tag I’d already given her.

But it wasn’t just the lipstick application that made her cool. It was also the way she could totally dismiss the “dumb questions” teachers always say don’t really exist with a quick, “Are you kidding?” in one breath and embrace them with the nurturing “Come see me tomorrow at lunch,” in the next. It was the way she could command the attention and respect from a bunch of rambunctious junior high kids by just walking into the room. It was the way the crowd in…

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  1. Elke, thank you for the share. It is definitely worth the read.



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