outside classroom

I was on a few bike rides last week in the middle of the day and I rode past a number of schools.  It was obviously not lunch time because there were no kids in sight and no noise!  Teachers, why so quiet?  Why not take the kids outside on a beautiful day?  Surely you can teach and deal with behaviour mgmt issues while outside…..maybe some behaviour issues will disappear if you go outside and do something different.

Maybe it was just timing, maybe I rode past while they were all surfing the Internet and participating in Online forums & discussing social issues (I wish!).  So I asked my 9 year old if his teachers take them outside and it turns out that in the past 3 terms they went outside for one Math class (better than none I guess).

I remember I liked to get students walking around the college to do certain tasks, like finding real-life Objects and then defining them into Java programming Classes, and that was at the tertiary level.  Imagine what types of classes you could do in primary or secondary.

Go outside and enjoy the day!  🙂  (just an idea)


3 comments on “outside classroom

  1. Elke, excellent post; it reminded me of one of the stories in Sam Intrator’s book The Engaged Classroom. The teacher got a lot of mileage out of the students by going outside and doing something unconventional there.

    Good to hear from you again.



  2. Margaret says:

    You radical…


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