Go Lingo! My Country – Indigenous languages map

I like the Australian Indigenous languages map that is presented on the Go Lingo! page – check it out here:  Go Lingo! My Country

It is important that all Australians have a better understanding and respect for the history and current issues for Australian Aboriginal & Torres Strait Island people.  This is especially important for educators.  Admittedly, it has alarmed me at the lack of enthusiasm by some pre-service teachers regarding learning about Australian Indigenous history.  It has been difficult for me to read how some people think this learning is a “waste of time” and to be honest it has really upset me.  I don’t understand how an educator might think that they know enough, have learned enough…I would argue it is never enough!  The wider the view and broader understanding that teachers have the better they will be able to teach but more importantly I think they are better able to communicate and be open to discussion about topics/issues that are important for now and in our future.

If we aren’t ready to challenge our own thinking how can we expect this of our students?

One comment on “Go Lingo! My Country – Indigenous languages map

  1. Margaret says:

    I agree, but some people do not like the new learning because it may upset them!


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