my biggest fear of becoming a Secondary School educator is that I will be “beaten down” by the over-complicated, red-taped, top-down approach to education. Thanks for another interesting post Diane.

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The toxic brew called “reform” is ruining public education. But this should not be surprising. This is the intent of the reformers.

They never will say so in their public statements. They will say they want “great teachers.” But they demonize and demoralize the teachers we have now.

What plans do they offer to replenish the teaching profession after they have driven away so many who are dedicated to teaching?

Magic. Out of nowhere, these “great” teachers will appear, teach for a few years and disappear.

Let’s face it. We are confronting a major crisis in education. It’s not because our schools are failing. They are not.

The crisis is caused by the constant attacks on public education and those who teach in public schools, by the effort to micromanage everything that teachers do and turn their work into data that can be used to evaluate them.

This terrible…

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  1. Elke, we travel in the same circles. I like the word transform rather than reform. it connotes a reflective sense and mindfulness that reform does not. Reform is change for the sake of change, almost a principle of change. We download more on the back and shoulders of already overburdened system.

    Do you follow Larry Cuban? He co-wrote with David Tyack: Tinkering Toward Utopia which is a great book on the failed reforms of the past 100 years in public education in the US. He said Canada is so much like it can be included.

    Take care and enjoy.



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