Out Of The Box – a review

Out Of The Box Festival for Children

This event is for children and is located in South Bank, Brisbane, Australia.  Some of the events are located outside and some of the shows are within the QPAC, the Qld Library, Museum & Art Gallery.  It’s a creative, fun and artistic way to spend the day with your kids.

I took my kids to this festival on Thursday.  It was a way for me to celebrate with my kids that I had completed my current University semester – yes, your Mummy is back!  🙂

First, we sat in the Playhouse Theatre (QPAC) and watched the show called “Me & My Shadow” – wow, it was great!  After that fantastic show we moved onto the “Dream Weavers” event and my kids were a little surprised to have people dancing around them and right in front of them.  We all got to participate in some dancing.  We went outside and walked around the free outdoor events in front of the QPAC buildings: there was story telling, pirate hat making and telling jokes.

The kids and I LOVED the “Sticky Maze” and also the “We Built This City” event.  Both of these events were run by Polyglot performers and they were fantastic.  At the beginning of the Sticky Maze we were given a couple of little pieces of paper and during our run/walk through the maze we added our paper to the maze walls.  The Polyglot performers were spraying water at us, making jokes and so much fun!  We Built This City was an outdoor event too and we were told to build whatever we wanted with all the boxes.  My kids and I made a “Mummy cage”….yes a cage for me, lol, but I escaped!


What a great day in Brisbane!  If you’re from this area make sure you don’t miss out on this event next year.  It’s fun and creative and totally worth taking the day off school!

2 comments on “Out Of The Box – a review

  1. jackie says:

    That sounds like fun! And a great way to celebrate the “Return of Mummy” 🙂


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