Wow! So true. A MUST read. “To be better educators, we first need to be better learners”.

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Whenever I think of a teacher, I also think of a scholar. It has always been apparent to me that if one is to be an effective teacher, one must continually learn. Of course that is not always a path that individuals are able follow as a straight line. Often things, or situations get in the way over the course of a lifetime and many stray from that path for the sake of time, money, or most often family. I attended a retirement party recently for some retiring colleagues, and I engaged in several conversations with a number of teachers who were attending the party about various education topics. I was most surprised on the lack of depth of knowledge on the part of most of these teachers about topics they should at least have had at the very least an opinion.

I brought up topics like authentic learning; project…

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    This is another great reblog of a reblog. Do our bosses approve and appreciate our learning? Frequently, what passes as institutional professional learning is an edict from above. When I engage in learning, I want to own it. I want to be a scholar.


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