4 comments on “Zero grades “motivate kids to quit”

  1. Most research indicates all students, but the one with the highest mark (and there is doubt about this person as well) are demotivated by grades of any form let alone zeros. This is invaluable and I will share it with others over the next day or two. Thank you.

    How goes the studying?


    • elketeaches says:

      The Queensland system for assessment is really interesting. The main aim is to give a type of ranking (not a precentage) that shows the ability/growth of student’s learning over a period of time (a semester, a year etc). I like this much better than what I was subjected to when I did my High School certificate in NSW (many years ago!) which was based on state-wide end of year testing (major stress).

      The interesting thing is though, although teachers here understand and are seemingly “on board” with the Qld assessment, I’ve met a lot of Qld teachers here that privately have a % system in place and then they convert to the Qld assessment requirement. hmmm, interesting!

      Study is OK thanks. Little bits here and there. I think the problem with this particular exam is that I had such great hopes for the course initially, oh well.


  2. MS says:

    Huh! Unbelievable


  3. Reblogged this on Teacher as Transformer and commented:
    I meant to reblog this several days ago. It is topical with the suspension of a high school teacher in Edmonton for giving zeros. Marks are a currency and abstract, therefore when given do serious damage to children. Alberta has 1/4 of its students leave school. What role did marks play in there exodus? What about the students who stay? Who makes the decisions? It is certainly not the classroom teacher. It is bureaucrats, technocrats, and politicians who form committees. The last time God used a committee was to design the camel. That was a long time ago. If I am a professional, treat me like one. When you ask my opinion, I do not offer as an expert. I offer it as a classroom teacher who sees the impact of poor policies on students every day.


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