Procrastination & the Internet

I often hear from parent/friends that they don’t like the idea of allowing their children on the Internet because it’s “distracting”.  Yeah well, I have been procrastinating today by surfing the Internet, checking FB and also keeping busy with cleaning my kitchen, working out and feeding the kids.  What should I be doing?  I should be studying for an exam!  Why am I not studying? Because this particular subject is BORING, has been presented in a boring manner (massive long PowerPoints that appear to come straight from the textbook’s teacher resources) and I personally don’t believe there has been any clear direction on what to study (basically study it ALL!).  I’m guessing this is the same for a lot of kids and adults who are supposed to be “learning” but procrastinate instead.

We all have to do stuff that we don’t like, but hey surely our teachers could try to make it a little more interesting?  right?

So is Internet to blame for my lack of study? NO!

(mini rant over….and back to study for me!)

2 comments on “Procrastination & the Internet

  1. Hi. I too have experienced boring courses and workshops. But as I tell my students, motivation comes from inside you. Nobody can “motivate” you. You have to make the choice to be interested. So look at that boring stuff and find some way to make it interesting to you. If you like to write, make up a crazy story about it. If you like to draw, turn it into a cartoon. Or imagine how you would teach the course. You get the idea.


  2. jackie says:

    Teach Peace Now – that is an interesting comment, and it is certainly valuable to follow the “motivate you” philisophy. But when a course is presented in a very lazy fashion (textbook = course), and your only direction for studying IS learn it all, it is very overwhelming and not at all motivating. Luckily, most teachers are more creative, giving and thoughtful.


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