I’ve been following Richard’s blog/s for a while now. His work/writing is always inspiring and interesting; he is a passionate educator and writer. I had to re-blog this post because not only does it highlight how brilliantly he writes and thinks but it also includes a link to his awesome new website. http://inglishteacher.com/Check it out! It is great. When I was a teenager music was VERY central to my life (still important now too) and I can imagine that this type of learning (via music videos) would be very effective. ESL (English as a Second Language) students were thought of as the audience here but I would also use this site if I was struggling with English grammar OR trying to learn French (which I did in High School and I found it so boring because there weren’t any sites like this around at the time!). Enjoy! Well done Richard!

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  1. Wow – Elke

    Thanks so much for the reblog and such kind words. I’m really pleased you like the site. I’ve been in two minds how to go about it really. I like the grammar focus for second language learners but of course it’s open to all. To be honest, it’s just a lot of fun learning the words from songs. My seven-year old for instance, loves reading but is a shy singer – so I said, come and have a go at this. He started reading the words from the video clip subtitles while humming the tune. It was wonderful – so clearly a resource that can be used by youngsters, and not so young of course 🙂

    Thanks again.
    Best wishes


    • elketeaches says:

      Hi Richard.

      I was really impressed with your idea and your site had a nice, professional look to it. At first I viewed it as an educator and how I would/could use it. Eventually I was simply watching videos because it was fun to listen to the music and learn the words. I think that’s a major WIN already before you even introduce it as a learning activity. 🙂



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