Learning computer science without computers!

Through the awesome-ness of Twitter I saw @davidwees tweet about this great site: Computer Science Unplugged  I spent some time navigating through this site and I’m loving it!  There are lots of activities to help explain/learn the concepts involved in computers/technology.  It also includes loads of resources for teachers.

The activities are great.  I have used some of these activities in the past (either stumbled on the idea myself or learned from other people), so it’s great to have all of these activities in one place and with added Youtube videos too.  These activities are great as a back-up plan if the computers are “down”, server crashes etc; but they are also great activities to supplement the computer-based learning.  One of the things I dislike about most computer classes is how immobile students are and I think getting students to move around to experience learning is an awesome idea.  This also allows for different learning styles and helps those students that like to put learning into action.

5 comments on “Learning computer science without computers!

  1. Reblogged this on Teacher as Transformer and commented:
    Here is a great idea for other teachers following us. This has been around the world. Thanks to Elke for bringing it to this network’s attention.


  2. […] post deals with the creativity of computers that aren't. Or something like that. Enjoy reading! Learning Computer Science without Computers! If the link above doesn't work, copy and paste this URL into your browser: […]


  3. CoC Audits says:

    One of the items that’s missing in laptop Science currently is Science There are simply too several instances I’ve seen (or been an area of) where the GOAL (to advance the state of data and technology within the world, as a method to advance the human race) is obscured by the petty goals (do one thing showy, get a paper revealed, etc). within the real sciences (physics, chemistry, etc) folks need to keep detailed lab notebooks of their experiments, setup, data, conditions, and so on. Here we’ve got a community where folks do not even very build their code or knowledge accessible, therefore there’s fully no peer-review method. it’s embarassing. and that i suppose it’s partially why software sucks most.


  4. jackie says:

    That was awesome!! I want to show my 4 year old… but I doubt he will be as excited as I am about it. Maybe when he’s 5.


  5. […] resources that I have used before or posted about in the past such as Codecadamy, Scratch, Alice, Computer Science Unplugged, Khan Academy, […]


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