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The majority of teachers in this country are women, their impact on the history of education is vast, but only a few are covered in textbooks on education or talked about among the major thinkers in the history of education. Their wisdom, experience and action research in and out of the classroom has helped shape the history of education.

Until the 1970’s most books about education were written by men. When Vivian Gussin Paley, an early educator at the Lab School, wrote her first book, White Teacher, her work as an author/scholar was dismissed and chastised. Her fellow teachers and academics didn’t believe that it was the teacher’s place to study the lives of children she taught.

Action research is now taught in teachers colleges, but we still often forget to celebrate the work of women educators, for example, quotes by John Dewey show up daily on social media…

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    When it comes to young teachers sharing their thoughts and experiences, this blogger catches the essence of pre-service and new in-service teachers. Read on!


  2. […] Here is a great blog post from a really great pre-service/new service teacher. I love reading her posts, and hope you enjoy my re-blogs of her posts. Follow her directly at, or follow her through my posts. Whether you are a new, pre-, or “old” service educator–or an educator of educators-this is a great blog to follow. Here is a great post related to her thoughts on women in education. […]


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