‘Transparency is the new black’ by Gwyneth Jones the Daring Librarian

Wow!  This is a great presentation that you HAVE TO check out.  The design and use of cat-walk images is great and gets your attention.  The message at the beginning is excellent – educators should work together, contribute and share, YES!

Some specific points that I like about this presentation:

slide 4 says it all: “it’s sharing with the community!”

slide 10: a good YouTube presentation with social media stats – interesting stuff

slide 26: the Twitter life cycle.  I plan to post about my relationship with Twitter 🙂 soon.  I am half way up the timeline shown on this slide.  I have realised that by following the right people I get access (or notification) of great resources and ideas.  I’m not at the “I can’t stop” point yet but I can see that possibility in my future since I have now graduated to also checking Twitter on my mobile phone.

4 comments on “‘Transparency is the new black’ by Gwyneth Jones the Daring Librarian

  1. Thank you so much for your kind blog about my preso! Glad you liked it! The Twitter Life Cycle graphic is Creative Commons – feel free to use it! http://bit.ly/H0MPIU
    ~Gwyneth Jones


  2. Rhonda Betts says:

    be the change you want to see in the world… love it, great stuff here


  3. great and enjoyed the presentation. But is it for everyone – is the availability for everyone to be connected possible. Fairness and equity can challenge Web 2.0 tools. So schools have to help families and communities so that all students can search out and seek new and interesting interactions with others in cyberspace!


    • elketeaches says:

      Thanks for your comment.

      Well in terms of focusing on teachers and the idea of creating a sharing community, I think it’s very relevant and should be encouraged. To me, this presentation was directed at teachers and I believe that creating a strong PLN is important and I have found so far to be great for making friends, networking and finding out relevant & current information.


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