Screen casting: How to create Java class using NetBeans

So I ventured over to the ScreencastOmatic site today (as suggested by my mentor teacher) and was pleasantly surprised at how easy this is to use.  The best part is that it’s FREE!  🙂

Once I got over the embarrassment of recording my own voice, lol, it was actually quite fun to use.  This is obviously going to be a great tool to use for teaching.  It’s also going to eliminate the need for those occasional How-to documents that I send to my family for “important” things such as How to add a photo album to Facebook!  🙂

Using the FREE option of ScreenOmatic, once you’ve created your screen cast you then have 3 options for saving your masterpiece.  You can publish to their site, publish to YouTube (you can remove their label if you pay for an upgrade) or you can save as a video file (mp4, avi, flv, gif).

So here is my first attempt for you to enjoy….probably only interesting for beginner Java programmers, sorry.


4 comments on “Screen casting: How to create Java class using NetBeans

  1. wilkoo says:

    Hi Elke and what do you do with a java class made in net beans.
    Regards Tanya


  2. Very cool. I am actually teaching myself Java now.

    PS thanks for visiting my blog.


  3. […] or “tedious” if using a traditional integrated development environment (IDE) like NetBeans.  Alice is different! Alice teaches students how to program in a fun and easy way.  First you […]


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