budd:e Cybersafety for kids

So what to do with the kids early on a Sunday morning?  It looks like a lovely day but I’m not keen on jumping into the pool yet, not at 8am thank you.  Oh, how about we learn about Cybersafety in a fun, interactive way using the budd:e site?

I used the budd:e Secondary last year and thought it was great. I mentioned the budd:e site in my recent Cyberbullying – IMPACT on teaching & learning post (in the slides).

Right now my 8-year-old son is having FUN playing the budd:e Primary and my 4-year-old daughter is sitting next to him taking it all in.  I also had a go at using budd:e primary and I think it’s great.  The music is nice!  Basically you get to create a budd:e figure/person/monster/robot and to get parts for your budd:e you have to answer cybersafety questions or play games that relate to cybersafety.  It’s fun!

screen-shot of game about online photo privacy. © Commonwealth of Australia 2011 & Cybersecurity Education Package

I just asked my son what he thought of budd:e and what he has learned: “It’s cool!  I’ve learned about safety online.  I learned about safe passwords, about firewalls and anti-virus and I just played a game about never giving out my personal details online”.  Awesome!  My son has already learned a lot of this information from me as I have helped him learn how to use the computer, play games online and create his own blog but it’s good for him to learn about these things in a different way.

My budd:e so far! © Commonwealth of Australia 2011 & Cybersecurity Education Package

I highly recommend this to kids, parents & teachers.

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