Cyberbullying – IMPACT on teaching and learning

At the end of my recent post, “Does Crackbook (oops!) Facebook make you unhappy?”, I touched on the idea that it is important that learners understand and have knowledge of how to be good digital citizens.  An unfortunate side-effect of online activity is that there have been numerous cases of cyberbullying, especially amongst school-aged children/young-adults.  Here is a presentation I created last year on Cyberbullying in the Middle Years.  There are some really good resources, including Australian resources in the slides.  Please note that I have taken out all reference to specific school names.

6 thoughts on “Cyberbullying – IMPACT on teaching and learning

  1. Hi
    Have been following your blogs. This one has made me jump in. Thankyou! Cyberbullying through social networks such as FB is serious. A surviver myself that has never had and never will have a FB static sends a word of warning to all users. Bullying transcends between the virtual and the real worlds we live in even when one is a non paticipanting network user.


  2. This is so true – students news
    Guidance to conduct themselves in a fair and unbiased manner. With such a diversity of families today – sometimes children themselves categorize others according to an invaluable resource or a valuable one. The tools they use are the resources and the children are human identities who deserve respect and consideration. If connectedness takes away the human regard for how unique we all are, then the resource or tool or learning means nothing.


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