A couple of thoughts came to mind when I read about Marc’s reactions/views on mobiles. First off, I can imagine that seeing those behaviours/issues due to student mobile use would be worrisome….but they are all great teachable moments that could involve discussion on netiquette, appropriate use and time management. I also got the feeling that this teacher might still be stuck in the traditional teacher role with control issues over the learning/teaching relationship.

the Evolving Classroom

A friend, who is a former educator, emailed a link to a letter published in the San Jose Mercury News from a teacher expressing an opinion about using digital devices in the classroom. This letter to the editor read like a typical frustrated 20th century teacher trying to cope with a digital generation of high school students. I couldn’t help but think…this English teacher represents a majority of the public education teacher’s “mindset”, teaching America’s future generation of 21st century citizens. My digital “ah ha” moment… how can this apparently good teacher be helped to appreciate the value of mobile technology to teach young people critical-thinking life skills? To answer this question… let’s begin by reviewing his letter.  

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