Wow! 5th graders with phones in and outside the classroom using public wi-fi.

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Going Public: The Simplest Approach to Mobile Security — THE Journal. by Dian Schaffhauser * 3/21/12

HOORAY! BYOD – well,  Katy Independent School District is supplying them. This is really cool and encouraging, too. I look forward to seeing the impact and effect of the 2012-13 tablet program.


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  1. I agree – I would have thought a higher grade level to pilot the program. Hopefully, a follow-up will be shared…or at least, it will work and spread to other grade levels.


    • elketeaches says:

      It is an interesting grade that they chose I think, but it kind of makes sense if you assume (like I do) that most 5th graders probably don’t have their own phones yet. I think as a 5th grader getting a phone for school work would be thrilling. Notice that they disabled the texting and calling abilities, so really it’s just a nice way to access the web…..also great for students who may not have access to computers at home.

      This would be a more difficult task to implement in High School because students may alreay have their own phones and not want to use this school phone. Instead, imo, schools should just allow BYOD (bring your own device) and embed it in teaching.


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