Camping != ICTs

I like ICTs, I like programming (especially in Java) and I can’t imagine not having Facebook to stay in touch with family & friends all over the world.  But sometimes I get SICK of it (and studying!) and I will be the first to admit that it can be addictive.  Using ICTs are so embedded into my everyday activities that sometimes I like to get away from it.

This past weekend my family and I went camping at Girraween National Park.  I drove the 3 hours there so that my husband could work on his laptop & mobile phone for work in the passenger seat.  The kids were in the back glued to their 3DS games.  I couldn’t wait to get to the campsite because 1) camping is fun!, 2) the grandparents will be there, 3) the kids and I made a deal that the 3DS were only for the car drive and 4) there would be no mobile phone service at the camp grounds (YES!).  The camping was fun, Girraween was beautiful and I enjoyed nearly 3 days of no ICTs.  There were Kangaroos everywhere and a great view of the Pyramid at our campsite.

Kangaroo & joey at our campsite    

The “Pyramid” walk at Girraween is fantastic.  WOW, the climb up the massive rock mountain is crazy fun and the scenery is amazing.  We managed to get ourselves up the mountain (complete with our love-to-twirl 4-year-old daughter).

Once we got to the top we all enjoyed a big drink of water, some snacks and the magnificent view around us.  There were a couple of other climbers at the top and to my annoyance there was a man talking on his mobile phone, oh no, we’ve got reception up here!  My husband sees this and proceeds to whip out his mobile so that he could check his work email and upload some photos of our climb up the mountain onto Facebook.  WAIT! This was supposed to be a family weekend with NO work, NO study and NO checking of emails & Facebook!  Fortunately my husband put his phone away after a few minutes and we walked around the top of the mountain checking out the views and rocks.  When we left the top that man was still on his phone and I’d like to imagine that he was still enjoying the view in front of him too.


5 comments on “Camping != ICTs

  1. sounds like the plan worked. You had a memorable time away from it all. Wonderful isn’t it 🙂


  2. Blogging Granny says:

    Looked like a wonderful family weekend. I’m glad the weather was good to you.


  3. Our youngest daughter was married last weekend & as we both live in small communities several hours apart ICT played an integral role in the success of the celebration. Most of the miriad of details were arranged using ICT, including the dress, the celebrant, wedding coordinator & cake. I offered to make & decorate the cake, never having done anything like it before. I sourced the recipes, nobody eats fruit cake anymore, fondant & fondant flowers on line. I watched several youtube clips on how to handle fondant & with the help of my eldest daughter,another decorating novice, we pulled it off, one mighty fine wedding cake which tasted good too!!!


  4. Renee says:

    I’m glad you had a great weekend away – it sounds like it was beautiful. I wonder how far a mobile phone would go if thrown out over those mountains??


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