Bye bye Encyclopaedia Britannica!

No longer can you buy a freshly printed 32-volume set from Encyclopaedia Britannica.  Why would you want a set anyway?  As soon as it’s published you know that it won’t be current, arguably not as current as the constantly updated information in Wikipedia or even from a subscription to the Encylopaedia Britannica website itself.  Ah the times are changing and if you don’t change you’ll drown!  Encyclopaedia Britannica has seen this coming and have changed their business model accordingly.  They’re even blogging about it themselves: Looking Ahead

Encyclopaedia Britannica iPad App Demo

One comment on “Bye bye Encyclopaedia Britannica!

  1. Might be time for an iPad. Remember carting around the heavy out of date hard copies my husband purchased in the early 70’s when he embarked on his teacher training. Only recently & with great ceromony they were sent to a 2nd hand shop.


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